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Highly trained Explosive, Drugs & General Purpose Dogs for the Army, Police & Security Industry In UK and around the world

Dog Selling Points

1. Experienced trainers 

2. Healthy dogs 

3. Full health documentation

Drug Detection Dogs

The nose of a trained sniffer dog is around 2000 times better than a human's; they are able to detect smells even 10 years later !

Drug Detection Dogs (DDD)

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

Explosive Detection Dogs

The canines utilized for Explosives Detection experience a tough series of tests planned through long periods of experience to test their capacities as far as possible. Our canines have consistently demonstrated their capacity to operate in a multitude of environments.

Search & Rescue Dogs

Our Search Dogs are trained in a variety of ways to find missing people no matter the situation. Be it by air scenting, trailing and tracking. These are very efficient methods of searching large areas quickly and does not always require items of clothing or effects of the missing person.

Search & Rescue Dogs (SARS)

Patrol & Explosive Detection Dogs (PEDD)

Patrol & Explosive Detection Dogs

All patrol dogs are trained to pick up and indicate to its handler the presence of a person in its patrol area. They are also trained to accept other people in their environment and to only react if a threat is made against the handler. The handler and dog team presents a formidable psychological deterrent. The intruder knows he cannot hide from the dog, he doesn’t want to fight the dog.

General Purpose / Guard Dogs

Our guard dog security services are dedicated to keeping people, premises and valuables safe, our dogs are highly experienced in working in a variety of environments such as concerts, festivals, airports and schools.

Guard Dogs

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